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All Are Welcome...  BACK

According to the guidelines set by the CDC. IDPH, and the ELCA, Redeemer's will be returning to all vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals over the age of 2 to wear a mask while in church. It is not what we all want to hear, but we do need to heed the recommendations by those who determine these guidelines. This will begin this Sunday, August 29.
As always, we have our members health in mind. We will have sanitizer and wipes for those who want to be extra safe and masks available if you forget yours. 
The recommendation from the ELCA states:

We recommend masks for all people when indoors, regardless of vaccination status. We strongly recommend masks for all when your county is at “substantial” or “high” risk.

As noted above, while fully vaccinated people are less likely to be infected with COVID-19 or develop symptoms, you can still be infected with the Delta variant and spread it to others. Vaccinated individuals can transmit the virus with a similar viral load when infected. This poses a heightened risk to caretakers of children and the immunocompromised. 

Many settings that include a mixture of individuals with varied vaccination statuses require all individuals to mask, regardless of vaccination status. These settings include public transportation and now, schools. Congregations are similar to schools and public transportation in regards to the mixture of a diverse group of people that include children who cannot be vaccinated and the immunocompromised who even if vaccinated may be more susceptible to infection. 


In Thanks for this Season of Life and Faith

During New Member Sunday, we were blessed with many stories of God’s providing during seasons of life and faith how people became connected to this faith community:

  • I started attending a recovery group here and found this a place of belonging and healing for me.
  • I was invited to this community by my friend and I found support when my spouse died. Now I care for other during difficult times.
  • I came to serve as part of PADS. When our church closed, this is the first place I thought of as the best for a new church home. (And Pastor Flessen’s sermons keep me awake…)
  • I’ve lived many seasons of my life and been seeking for a place to be myself with God. I believe I found it here.
  • During COVID, my husband and I were looking for a place to find community and we were invited to Redeemer’s Connected. We have had a lot of fun and blessing in that experience and want to continue the journey with you.

There are many seasons of life and faith. This Sunday was one beautiful glimpse of ways God has provided for us. Let us rejoice! We have found ourselves connected and called to work together for this season.

Jesus says this simple phrase in many different ways:  “Come and follow me.” Sometimes we hear it through friends or recovery groups or through a virtual experience. All of these stories teach us about God’s  ways to bring people together. We have been called by Jesus to walk together and Jesus walks with us in faith, in care for each other and seeking the healing for all of God’s world.

I hope to see you soon,
Pastor Soren Flessen


WHAT IS TWC?   Together We Cope is an Illinois 501(3)(c) not-for-profit agency assisting families and individuals in temporary crisis.  Providing for families in 22 south suburban communities, TWC will serve nearly 9,000 individuals this year.

Who does Together We Cope help?

  • The under-employed – lower paying full-time jobs often do not provide benefits in case of family emergency.
  • Victims of disaster – those displaced by fire or other disasters require basics to survive.
  • Single parents maintaining jobs and raising children alone.
  • Families experiencing a sudden loss of income due to accident or illness, or families surviving paycheck to paycheck and struggling with rising transportation costs.
  • Recent unemployed people caught in company downsizing, industrial outsourcing or layoffs.
  • Elderly – food and medications may be unattainable for individuals on fixed incomes.
  • Grandparents suddenly faced with raising small children, again.

How does Together We Cope help?

  • Because TWC provides food, clothing and one-time financial assistance for rent/mortgage and    utility bills, families can reallocate their financial resources during a temporary crisis. Each month, 5,000 individuals receive groceries from our food pantry.
  • Raising self-esteem encourages children to make the most of their education. Our “Back to School Program” provides school supplies, backpacks and clothing to more than 1,300 area children.
  • The “Adopt a Child” program extends the warmth of the holidays, providing toys, coats and school supplies to children who might otherwise do without. In 2020, more than 800 local children received gifts.

Because of recent economic developments, there are large increases in those seeking temporary assistance from Together We Cope. Once stabilized, clients often return to volunteer and/or donate to TWC.

How can YOU help?

Together We Cope hosts annual fundraising events throughout the year.  Propelled by participation from the private, corporate and political communities, these events offer a variety of ways to participate: in-kind donations, volunteering, sponsorships, or direct dollar donations. While contributing significantly in the support of Chicago’s south suburban neighbors, each form of donation is tax- deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Often, civic and community organizations, businesses and churches host their own fundraisers benefiting Together We Cope. Their individual creativity and generosity are directly responsible for the growth of TWC. We are deeply grateful for the commitment to community displayed by each of these organizations. Donations of  food, toys, clothing, gift certificates or school supplies are welcome and useful throughout the year. All donations are gratefully shared locally

Address: 17010 S. Oak Park Ave Tinley Park, IL 60477 Ph: 708-633-4050

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am – 3pm;  Thursday: 2pm – 6pm

Drop off hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10am-1pm

Food Pantry Hours: (drop off food during these times)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am – 1pm Thursday: 2pm – 6pm