Redeemer's Family,      

I hope all is well with all of you and your families as we enter a new Fall season.  It has been a rather hot summer this year and I’m sure many of us are looking forward to some cooler weather.

I would like to thank everyone for your support and prayers over the past several weeks through my brother’s illness and death.  It has meant so much to both Debby and myself.  I realize that I have been a little “off” during the grieving process, but am starting to feel much better.  Thank you again for your love.

Our congregation is doing well with our ministries and is stable financially. We have been blessed with the donation of $27,000 from St. Philip in recent weeks. Council is in the process of deciding how to best designate these funds.  We also received $3,500 from a grant through First Lutheran Church in Decatur, Il, for part of the cost of the new floor in the Narthex.  The Church Council has also approved the purchase of new furniture for the Narthex area. We are creating a tranquil and inviting new atmosphere in the Narthex for all of us for the coming years. So, look forward to the new changes taking place in the next couple of months.

As most everyone is aware of, Pastor is taking one Sunday off each month.  This requires that we have someone to deliver a sermon message. We have a small group that rotates for these sermons now. If anyone is interested or has the desire to give a sermon or message please contact me and let me know  We would be very happy to provide the opportunity.

Thank you to everyone who has been so vigilant keeping up with your giving over the summer months. I have always been so proud of our congregation when it comes to our finances.  We always seem to step up when confronted with the day to day operating expenses and that little extra when needed. We are truly a loving and blessed congregation.

May God continue to shine His light upon us, bless all of us and keep us in His loving and healing arms.  Thank you for your service and support!

Peace & Love,

Prayer requests: You may have noticed the bright orange slips of paper in the backs of the pews. These are to make sure your prayer requests get to the right place in time for prayers. Please fill out the slips and give to one of the ushers before worship begins.

Dial “988” for the National Suicide Prevention and
Mental Health Crisis Lifeline.

There will be a short Congregational Meeting
after w
orship on November 28 to accept the new budget.



Sunday, November 7  is All Saints Sunday. Please call the church office or place in the offering plate, with names of those who have passed away since Oct. 31, 2020 that you want remembered on this day.


Our greetings to all the congregation. How are you? We are fine but here in Ethiopia Covid cases are increasing daily and there is a shortage of machines. There is not much vaccine so only people above 65 can be vaccinated, but the Covid cases are increasing rapidly.  I want to thank all of you for being there for us till now. You have been like a parent for my children, and we are so grateful for that. The kids are learning happily because of this congregation You are in our prayers.

May God bless you all.     ~Elsabet and family

Vitas Healthcare

There are hospice patients in our area that would benefit greatly from your companionship & encouragement. We are currently looking for knitters, crocheters and sewers for our comfort care hospice program. Volunteers would create blankets, robes, draw string bags, prayer shawls and other needed items for hospice patients. Your volunteer time would suit your schedule and your location.

Also donations of yarn, fleece and material are also needed and welcomed!!!

Find out more about our amazing team of caring VITAS Volunteers by calling Joanna Voorhees at VITAS Healthcare of Chicagoland South,

  • The Women’s Group for buying 15 new red hymnals
  • Steve & Art for painting and redecorating to make our church a more inviting space
  • Together We Cope who has provided baby food to our Little Pantry, and to the Crisis Center
  • To Pastor Soren who has completed 3 years with his Redeemer’s family
  • Mick Strojny for your commitment to keeping our lawn neat

Woman to Woman

So, if you look at the Events tab, you will see that I have an anniversary this month.  49 years and still counting!  I remember when I was young and the Community Reporter came out once a week.  If you were celebrating your 50th golden anniversary, it was a big deal.  Your picture was in the paper and they wrote up something about the lives you shared together.  Nowadays, it's not uncommon to hear people making it to their 60th.  I hope to be that lucky but one year at a time.

So, what is the secret for staying together that long?  In my sister's case, it's obstinance and laziness.  She's not a good judge for asking the question.  But, fortunately, I have friends and other relatives who have loved each other for 50+ years and are willing to talk about it.  Here's some of the answers.

Patience - after this long, you're not going to change each other so just admit you have some quirks that annoy each other and patiently put up with them.

Respect - this works both ways.  Also keep the dirty laundry at home.

Compromise - this is the one that came up the most.  Who cares where the toilet seat ends up, you're both capable of moving it.  Who cares which way the paper rolls face, again you're capable of moving it if it bothers you.  Who cares where you squeeze the toothpaste, buy two and you'll both be happy.  Our biggest compromise came in the bedroom.  I like to sleep in the dark with it perfectly quiet.  Mick on the other hand, liked the TV on.  So, I gave in to the noise of a radio but nixed the TV.  It worked even better when I found the timer switch on the radio.  After 15 minutes, when Mick was thoroughly asleep, the radio shut itself off and I could then sleep.  See?  Compromise!

Of course, love takes over all.  That's a given and if you have the love of Christ in the middle of your marriage, you're sure to have a success.

‘Til next month----------------
nice chatting with you
Jan Strojny

Call the office... 708-687-2432

Pantry and
Little Free Library

I am once again doing Thanksgiving dinner giveaways. If you are able to donate, I will be looking for sides for the meals. Things I need are: canned vegetables, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn bread, Jell-O, cake mix with frosting, yams, , or anything else you think they would like. Please bring these items to church no later than November 21, as we will be handing out the meals on Monday November 22.  If you would like to help put the meals together and hand them out let me know. I would like to thank Dan for contributing the turkeys via a Thrivent Action Team.
Thanks for supporting Redeemer’s little free pantry. ~~Marilyn

JUST A REMINDER:  If you have policies with Thrivent, you may qualify to help out organizations twice a year with up to $250. Please think of a nonprofit you would like to help out and contact Thrivent, or talk to Deb or Dan Frawley.

Hi. As always, I want to thank everyone for their donations and support of the pantry. With summer coming, donations usually slow down and usage escalates, so all donations are appreciated. Water, freezer pops, Kool-Aid, and cereal are needed, as well as drink boxes and snacks. I will be putting snack bags in the pantry daily for the kids throughout the summer months. Produce is also welcome, like apples, oranges, potatoes and onions. Things that won’t perish easily.

Also, always looking for books for the little free library!

God bless all the pantry angels,
Marilyn Fisher

Please remember to donate food, money and other resources to your local organizations who are supplying those in need.

Also, don’t forget-- to help Marilyn in supplying her pantry. Any large donations, please put in bag and leave by the back door, or contact Marilyn at 708-687-2432 and she can meet up with you. Monetary donations are always accepted and can be sent to church. If you are sending a check, please make it out to Marilyn Fisher.

Please Pray for:
Kelly Franks; Russ McHugh; Jan Strojny; Samantha; Dolores Sheputis; Mary; Fern Schara; Shirley Aggen; Diane Walker; Elsabet & Family; Sue Nemec; Selves; Sharon; Barb McGrew; Cory and Megan; BC; Bob Graniczny; Amber Calhon; Virginia Drogula; Steven Flannery; John Carline; Gus Scott; Ralph Mueller; Kathy Davenport; Paul Kasten; Joanne; Dan Olson; Christy and Eberhard Schmitt.

It is with sorrow that we let you know that Chris DeLeeuw has passed away this morning Oct. 22.  He will be truly missed. We will be remembering him as part of our All Saints service on Nov. 7 at 9:30am. There will be no wake or funeral.

  • Steve & Deb Nowlan on the death of Steve’s brother Dave Nowlan
  • Winnie French & Carol Schaafsma on the death of their friend  Mike Keenum
  • Family & friends of Georgia Nemeth
  • Family & friends of William Odonovan
  • BC & Deb Cummens on the death of Deb’s father, Norm Jurgens
  • Linda & Terry McHugh on the death of Melanie Boling

May they all be comforted by the resurrection and the life yet to come.

Kind Words

Dear Redeemer’s Lutheran Church,

Thank you for your gift of $300 to help individuals and families escape homelessness this Spring season. As you know, we sheltered in place and followed CDC and State government guidance in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Your support helped us pivot services to keep homeless individuals and families safe at local hotels, as all congregate shelters closed, while continuing to provide essential lifesaving services. Thank You!


Rohit D’Souza,
Philanthropy Manager, PADS

I pray this letter finds you and your congregation hopeful and enjoying the waning weeks of summer during these unprecedented times.  As always, thank you for your generous support of the ELCA, the synod, and our shared ministry.  The impact that our congregations have in the world is truly amazing!  I am proud to be a part of this effort and look forward to working with all of you in finding new, faithful ways to continue this inspiring work of Kingdom Building.

Many blessings of thanks!

Heather Haynes,
Executive Assistant to the Bishop

Dear Redeemer’s Lutheran Church

Thanks be to God for YOU! Your support through your benevolence and other giving is a blessing.

Please keep Bishop Curry and the MCS staff and all congregations of the synod in your prayers as we continue to press through this new way of being. 

In Christ,   Heather Haynes (Executive Assistant to the Bishop)

New to Redeemer's? Here are some common questions

You’ll find everything from jeans to casual clothes to business suits at our worship experiences. At Redeener's, we don't care about what you look like or what you wear. We want you to be comfortable.

If you are visiting us for the first time, we will not ask you to stand up or ask you to give money. Many people want to check out a church and “be anonymous” for a while. That's ok by us!

It can be a intimidating visiting a church for the first time. So we will do our best to welcome you. We are dedicated to making sure you feel right at home. We'll answer any questions you have and make sure you get a hot cup of coffee and know exactly where to go.

When you get here, just head straight upstairs (or take the elevator) to our narthex to sign in! Your family is in good hands!

Giving is entirely up to you. If this is your first visit, we don't want you to feel any obligation to give. You are our honored guest. Also, if you start attending regularly, you'll only be expected to give what you feel you should.