Redeemer’s family,

     I hope this letter finds everyone doing well and anticipating a beautiful summer season!   Debby & I had a wonderful and relaxing time while we were out of town. But, it is always great to be home again. We are truly blessed to travel and enjoy our retirement. God is forever present in our lives each and every day.

     Looking forward to warmer days we have scheduled outdoor services for the first Sunday of every month through October, (June 5, July 3, August 7, September 4, and October 2). For the first outdoor worship, June 5th, we will be cooking hot dogs and hamburgers for the congregation afterwards. Please mark these dates on your calendars!

     Redeemer’s Connected will start up again in September. We are looking into virtual meetings as well as possibly in- person meetings. As we draw closer, we will announce dates and times. Stay tuned!

     Also, the council and pastor have decided to start back with communion on June 12th, with the option to take in-person or with the sealed cup & wafer as we are currently using. More details to follow.

     We have heard from PADS. As of now PADS is funded through September 2022 to house clients in a hotel like they have been doing for the last couple of years. It is their hope that they will receive additional funding to continue doing this through September 2023. Redeemer’s is designating up to $150 per month to fund our “Monthly Dinners for PADS” outreach ministry. This should offset the cost of supplies for our volunteer team.  We will still need volunteers to help prepare and pack this every month.  So, if you have the willingness, please let a council member know.

     I know that our parking lot looks awful and is deteriorating. We will be filling in the pot holes soon as a temporary fix.  We are talking about the infrastructure of the church building and grounds and what our future may look like. We are aware that there are several areas we have to consider in the next few years.  We are gathering information to present to the congregation in the next several months. You will be informed.

     In closing, if I could remind everyone to continue to pray for our congregation and members.  We are a strong, faithful community blessed daily by God. Always remember to give thanks and praise in His name!

In His service,

Random Thoughts
from Art James

What to have/make for dinner? I do most of the cooking because Kathy gets home about 7pm or 7:30. After a long day and long drive she deserves to relax and not have to cook. So I do. I'm pretty good and I enjoy the preparation. But it is getting harder to put together a meal of real food and not a boxed meal. The shelves are not as full and selection is diminishing. After cooking for Calvin and I for 17 years, I've gotten fairly inventive and imaginative. Still, it is work.

I can’t, imagine what a challenge it was for my Mom. She worked part time off and on and then would come home and make dinner for Dad and us three kids. Maybe that's why she was so bad at it! All veggies were the consistency of baby food and all meat was cooked until it was beef jerky. But, she could bake, ummm ummm.

My maternal Grandmother was a single mom. My Mom and her younger brother were about 9 and 11 when Gramps left. It was the 1920's and the start of the depression. I guess Grandma did ok working mostly full time. There were never any stories about food. No favorite dishes.

My great Grandmother was a stay at home Mom with four boys and two girls, one of whom was my Grandmother. Now she could cook. Every holiday she would do all the cooking for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Turkey and ham, potatoes and veggies and all the fixings.

Why am I going on about this? As I started to meal plan for tonight and was whining to myself, I thought of my Great grandmother, my Grandmother and my Mom. How much harder did they have it. Do we give them as much credit as they deserve?
And by we, I mean most husbands, sons and daughters.

March is Women's History Month and so not just in March but every month we should express our love and gratitude to the women in our lives that have nurtured and cared for us. Go ahead and give them a hug and at least a night off!!

Council Vice President


Our greetings to all the congregation. How are you? We are fine but here in Ethiopia Covid cases are increasing daily and there is a shortage of machines. There is not much vaccine so only people above 65 can be vaccinated, but the Covid cases are increasing rapidly.  I want to thank all of you for being there for us till now. You have been like a parent for my children, and we are so grateful for that. The kids are learning happily because of this congregation You are in our prayers.

May God bless you all.     ~Elsabet and family

Vitas Healthcare

There are hospice patients in our area that would benefit greatly from your companionship & encouragement. We are currently looking for knitters, crocheters and sewers for our comfort care hospice program. Volunteers would create blankets, robes, draw string bags, prayer shawls and other needed items for hospice patients. Your volunteer time would suit your schedule and your location.

Also donations of yarn, fleece and material are also needed and welcomed!!!

Find out more about our amazing team of caring VITAS Volunteers by calling Joanna Voorhees at VITAS Healthcare of Chicagoland South,

Woman to Woman

     So, a little over 22 years ago, we moved into our current home.  A friend of mine was taking classes to be a landscape engineer and asked if she could use the front of my house for her final project.  Considering how overgrown and scrappy looking my yard looked, I readily agreed.  I would pay for the materials and she covered the designing and labor.  When she was done, my curb appeal had increased by 300%.  It was beautiful.  So, I became her first customer when she set up her business.  For the next 5 years, she religiously showed up to re-mulch.  She also talked me into some changes in the backyard.  For instance, I had these lilac bushes that would bloom about four flowers and were very bare.  They came out and we (she) designed a whole new garden.  Then Mick decided to put a deck on the back of the house with a gazebo.  Well, now we had this whole space at the end of the deck that looked naked.  Let's put in another garden and we added a fountain this time.  It was beautiful!

     So, now you're probably wondering why I bring this up.  Well, like I said, this was over 20 years ago and Jackie has since gone on from doing gardens and I am left with all the maintenance of these beautiful spaces.  I don't have fountains anymore, I have statues because we have a lot of trees that drop stuff into the fountains and clogged them up.  Every day you had to go in and unclog the drains.  It got to be a hassle so just shut the water off and enjoy the artwork.  Mulching also disappears!  Every year it's another 8 - 10 yards but you can't just mulch, you have to weed first.  And before you can weed, you have to put on your hazmat suit to pull the poison ivy.  One year Erica and I mulched together and one year Alec joined us.  This year they're away at school and I am left with the job.  Did I happen to mention that I am 20 years older than when this all first started?  My stamina means this is a week job or longer.  I know when I get it all done it is beautiful and then the critters come in and eat my plants.

     So, while other friends my age are looking for a weekly cleaning lady, I'm looking for a weekly gardener.  Better yet, maybe we could just dig it all up and build a frame for bocce ball in the warm months and curling in the cold.

‘Til next month----------------
nice chatting with you,
Jan Strojny

The South Suburban Crisis Center is an ongoing project for the Women’s Group. During these trying times, women and children need help more than ever. Please keep them in your prayers.

Domestic Violence Outreach Services
(Crisis Center for South Suburbia)

  • 24-hour hotline~ 708-429-SAFE (7233)
  • Live Safe Patient Advocacy
  • Law Enforcement Victim Outreach
  • Community Education

All services are free and confidential

Hi.  Now that summer is finally here it is time to relax and enjoy the outdoors. I loved the outdoor services last year and look forward to them again this year. It forces me to keep up on the weeding! Thanks to my brother for all the work he does on the church grounds and in the back area of the parking lot. It’s so cute to see how Dexter follows his every move!

The pantry will once again be giving out snack treats in the little free library so kids can have a treat while they read a book. If you are able to donate, I need snack treats and drink boxes. Also, if you have any books you want to donate, adult or children’s, it would be appreciated.

The pantry will also be sponsoring its annual school supply drive and beginning in early July I will put up a box in the narthex just in case you want to catch the early school supply sales that begin in July. Geez, here I start this article off with summer starting and end it with a back to school drive! That is exactly how the summer feels sometimes… it goes so quickly!

As always, thanks for your continued support of the pantry!


Thank you to the ladies that provided cookies for  “Happy Spring” ….delicious!

Please remember to donate food, money and other resources to your local organizations who are supplying those in need.

Also, don’t forget-- to help Marilyn in supplying her pantry. Any large donations, please put in bag and leave by the back door, or contact Marilyn at 708-687-2432 and she can meet up with you. Monetary donations are always accepted and can be sent to church. If you are sending a check, please make it out to Marilyn Fisher.

Please Pray for:

Dolores Sheputis, Shirley Aggen & family, Jim Lillie, Sue Nemec, Selves, Mary, Bob Graniczny, Cam Family, Amber Calhoun, Gus Scott, Joanne, Eddie McDermott, John & Charlotte, Debbi, Cory, Megan, Dylan Cummens, Ryder Conrad, Walt Skocz and Sondra Beckwiths, Melissa Richards, Erica Stotts, Louis, Cassie Attwood, Pete & Debbie Animagi, Susan Zarenga, Betty Geneser, Tom Stormer, Ken Fiore, Lisa Weaver, Barbara Cella, Leon, Jeff Franks, Ken, Tom, Kelly, Chris Nieft, Curt Byrom, Theo, Marilyn & Janet, Carol Schara, Cindy, Carole, Donna Carver, Tom DeLeeuw, Althea, Noah Coyle, Mary Gunderson, Jacques & Missy

Kind Words

Dear Redeemer’s Lutheran Church,

Thank you for your gift of $300 to help individuals and families escape homelessness this Spring season. As you know, we sheltered in place and followed CDC and State government guidance in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Your support helped us pivot services to keep homeless individuals and families safe at local hotels, as all congregate shelters closed, while continuing to provide essential lifesaving services. Thank You!


Rohit D’Souza,
Philanthropy Manager, PADS

I pray this letter finds you and your congregation hopeful and enjoying the waning weeks of summer during these unprecedented times.  As always, thank you for your generous support of the ELCA, the synod, and our shared ministry.  The impact that our congregations have in the world is truly amazing!  I am proud to be a part of this effort and look forward to working with all of you in finding new, faithful ways to continue this inspiring work of Kingdom Building.

Many blessings of thanks!

Heather Haynes,
Executive Assistant to the Bishop

Dear Redeemer’s Lutheran Church

Thanks be to God for YOU! Your support through your benevolence and other giving is a blessing.

Please keep Bishop Curry and the MCS staff and all congregations of the synod in your prayers as we continue to press through this new way of being. 

In Christ,   Heather Haynes (Executive Assistant to the Bishop)

  • Connie Martin & Jan Strojny for the wonderful goodies in the May Day bags
  • All who participated in the Thrivent sponsored Canned Good Drive
  • All who participated in the PET food drive
  • All who attended the 5th Anniversary celebration
  • Nicky V’s Hot Dogs
  • Nancy Ulloa, Carol Schaafsma, and Winnie French for providing/ planting flowers (real & artificial) around the church
  • Those who contributed to the geranium/ flower fund
  • Mick Strojny for maintaining the church lawns year after year
  • Gary Rickert and any other “church mice” who take care of things that we don’t even notice
  • Linda McHugh for bringing Christian education to our young people



2 cups salted butter, softened
1 cup white sugar
1 and 1/2 cups powdered sugar
2 tbsp
4 cups flour


12, 25-ounce jar pineapple ice cream topping
12-ounce bag white chocolate chips
preheat oven to 325degrees

Spray a 9 x 13 pan with nonstick baking spray.  Mix the above crust ingredients (easier if done with electric mixer.)  Measure out 1 cup of dough and put in plastic bag and then in fridge.  Press the rest of the dough into the prepared pan and up the sides half-inch. Bake your bottom crust at 325 degrees for 20 minutes.  Take out of oven (don't turn oven off) and place on stovetop for 15 minutes.

After crust has cooled, take the lid off the pineapple topping and put jar in microwave and heat on HIGH for 15 to 20 seconds.  Cool 1 minute then pour over your crust.  Smooth out to edges.  Sprinkle chips over pineapple topping.  Take the remaining dough from fridge  and crumble over the pineapple/chips.  Return to oven and bake for an additional 25 to 30 minutes, or until the crumbles on top are a light golden brown.

New to Redeemer's? Here are some common questions

You’ll find everything from jeans to casual clothes to business suits at our worship experiences. At Redeener's, we don't care about what you look like or what you wear. We want you to be comfortable.

If you are visiting us for the first time, we will not ask you to stand up or ask you to give money. Many people want to check out a church and “be anonymous” for a while. That's ok by us!

It can be a intimidating visiting a church for the first time. So we will do our best to welcome you. We are dedicated to making sure you feel right at home. We'll answer any questions you have and make sure you get a hot cup of coffee and know exactly where to go.

When you get here, just head straight upstairs (or take the elevator) to our narthex to sign in! Your family is in good hands!

Giving is entirely up to you. If this is your first visit, we don't want you to feel any obligation to give. You are our honored guest. Also, if you start attending regularly, you'll only be expected to give what you feel you should.